Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Delete SQL Server ErrorLog

Delete SQL Server ErrorLog

After long time i have come up issue "SQL Server ErrorLog" grown to a very large size. I have done this SQL Server 2005 and after that, I have never come up this issue. 

This Monday, I have small issue (most common one :) ) SQL Server Database server have very less disk space.   
As usual, I have verify transaction log grown in "tempdb" database because our most of temp databases(all local test database environments) located in C drive. But unexpectedly it's normal, and I was bit surprised! 
finally I have just check SQL Server error log(As a best practices any DBA this should check first unfortunately I haven't follows that :( )               
well! well! I was bit happy because after long time I have face this issue. :D :D 

use master 
EXEC sp_cycle_errorlog;
And I have check MSDN, Did SQL Server come up with any new method to face above issue. but according to Microsoft still we have to follows old way. 

with above command you can shift SQL Server error log one by one and last log will be deleted.And with restating SQL Server instance also will be apply same method in background.  

and Most welcome your comments and ideas...

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