Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Leadership Styles of Project Management

 Leadership Styles of Project Management

There are different types of leadership styles that we can use before starting a project but they will vary depends on the capability and personality of the manager and the prevailing circumstances.

The manager may have a natural preference for a certain style, but to be successful must vary their style to suit the circumstances.

There are 6 types of leadership styles, following them are:- 

1. Coercive -  

  • This management style most used when the project manager has to be work with the junior team members and who does not have adequate level of experience level and knowledge. 

  • The project manager monitors the entire project from beginning to end and will provide the proper guidance to the junior team members how to complete the project successfully.

2. Authoritative - 

  • This management style has a clear vision and share with the team members. The project manager must be a very knowledgeable person and motivating the team members to collaborate on the project.

  • The project manager encouraging the team members achieve the vision together successfully. So he /she will share the ideas and knowledge with other the team members to work collaboratively and show the right direction, improving people’s skills, knowledge and strengths to achieve the target together.

3. Affiliative - 

  • In this management style the manager will encourage his/her team members to work on their own pace, motivate them to use their own knowledge and skills, creating processes to reduce the stressfulness and building relationships with the team members.

  • Organize some events like games, friendly discussion to  reduce the boredness , stressfulness of the work, try to make them happy of their work, encourage them, therefore they will try to work hard can able to deliver successful project on the right time.

4. Democratic -

  • In this leadership style the project manager does not guide his/her team members ,they are free to express their ideas, use their own knowledge to achieve goals, collaboration of work and even everyone is try to give some input to the team success.

  • Each and every team member has a one goal that is “ How to achieve our goals” . They will keep this phrase in their mind and try to work hard by helping each other to achieve the goal as a team or else as a one family.

    5.  Pacesetting - 

  • The project managers  who follows this management style expect high standards from his/her team members and the team members do have to follow the processors, ideas standards of the project manager.

  • The team members have to work hard with lots of stressfulness and the people who don’t work hard will terminate from the team.

6. Coaching –

  • In this style the project manager should have strong coaching skills, and should be a self-confidence person who should guide, encourage, and motivate the team members to achieve goals and objectives successfully.

  • The project manager has the main responsibility of the team success so therefore he/she must be more responsible otherwise that is the end that team.